High Speed Camera Review

high speed camera review

    speed camera
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Two years trying… D700 high ISO gets the shot in the end.

Two years trying… D700 high ISO gets the shot in the end.

I’ve tried many times over the last couple of years to get this shot of our crazy cat Kate yawning, but with absolutely no success. It really is one of those total opportunity shots and unless you can get your cat to yawn on demand, it’s really difficult to anticipate when it’s going to happen. I estimated that from the start of the yawn I only had about 2 seconds to grab my camera, focus and press the shutter. Even when I did my have camera, on and ready, the light in our living room is generally dim so the fastest shutter speed I could get was only 1/30th of second at 400 ISO. Every shot came out blurred! Yes, I could have set up some strobes and had my camera ready in anticipation, but sometimes it can be literally days between yawns and I didn’t want my living room looking like my studio for days on end. Well then, why not increase the ISO you’re probably thinking? Well, the camera I was using was a Nikon D300 and it gets really noisy at anything over 800 ISO and I would need an ISO of 24 3200 get a fast enough shutter speed (1/250th) to prevent the blurring. Although I did try this once, the shot was so noisy, it just didn’t cut it.

Enter the Nikon D700 that I had just unpacked and was acquainting myself with. Because I had heard that the D700 was really good at high ISOs, I decided to try a few test shots and set the ISO at 3200. Right at that point, with the camera in my hands, Kate decided to yawn. I instinctively aimed my new D700 at her and got this shot at 1/320th of a second. As you can see, there is no blurring and very little noise. As soon as I viewed it on the camera’s LCD, I knew I’d got it!

I’m truly amazed at the quality of the high ISO shots I’ve taken with the D700. Even 6400 ISO images are usable with a little bit of noise reduction in post.

I’ll get around to posting “High ISO” comparisons between the D300 and D700 soon. Also a full review of the D700. Until then, don’t hesitate to buy a D700 if you get the chance. I don’t think you will regret it.



Water Ballon vs. Airsoft BB, Round 1

Water Ballon vs. Airsoft BB, Round 1

And here are the shots!

This was the first shot we did. The MultiMax was set to a 20ms delay. We didn't know if the damn thing would actually work ... and of course, me shooting at a target I can't see does not inspire confidence.

So, when I pulled the trigger, hear a pop, feel the slide rack back, and see lights go off, it was quite an experience. Shortly after that, the review came up on the back of the 40D and I hear chimping noises. Life is good.

At 20ms the BB is long gone, out of the frame (well, into the unlit areas anyway) and the balloon completely disintegrated. Take a look at the large / full size version to see how the water shattered into droplets.

2x 580EX M1/64 bare on light stand, balloon left
1x 580EXII M1/64 bare on light stand, balloon right
1x nobrand flash on "low" bare on light stand about 3 ft behind balloon, low pointing up towards balloon.

Triggered by custom bullet switch electrically connected to a Pocket Wizard Multimax, firing delay mode (0.0065 sec to 0.020 sec delay).

Camera: Canon EOS40D ISO100 (M) F:8-11 Bulb
Triggered by remote shutter release

Concept: Terence
Rig Design: Terence
Lighting: DaveM, Terence, Allen Yoo
Camera Operator: DaveM
Shooter: Terence

high speed camera review

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