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Fuji Camera Usb Cable

fuji camera usb cable

    usb cable
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fuji camera usb cable - Fuji FinePix

Fuji FinePix J10 USB Cable

Fuji FinePix J10 USB Cable

The dCables® USB Cable for the Fuji FinePix J10 is used to download the pictures from your Fuji FinePix J10 to your computer. It will work with both PC and Mac!

We Make Connection Easy

dCables® offers the world's largest selection of digital camera cables. All of our digital camera cables are backed by our Compatibility Guarantee. If we state that an accessory that we sell will work with a specific model and it doesn't then we will:

1) If we have the correct product in stock we will ship it to you at our expense and send you a prepaid return label to return the incorrect product, or

2) If we do not have the correct product in stock we will send you a prepaid return label to return the incorrect product and once we receive that part we will provide a full refund of your original purchase, including shipping.

dCables® provides a 30 day no hassle return policy; we also offer a lifetime warranty against manafacturing defect on all of our digital camera cables.

That's how dCables® makes connection easy!

88% (5)

Lake Ashi at dusk

Lake Ashi at dusk

This is Lake Ashi (Ashinoko) in Hakone at dusk. Mt. Fuji's peak is visible between the clouds in the middle. The gate to the Hakone shrine, which stands in the water is on the right.
The clouds looked incredible that day!

I used the Promote Control for the first time for the different exposed photos. Not having the stupid 3 bracketing limit on your 5D Mark II is really a joy! The HDR photo above was done with 5 different exposures (-2 to +2). But two things I noticed as a downside are

- connecting the USB cable and the shutter release everytime you want to take the photos feels a bit cumbersome after a while
- the shutter speed is a bit slower compared to the speed, when you take the different exposures with your camera’s AEB function

Nevertheless, the advantages are more significant, so I’m happy with the Promote Control (so far).

img 115-4780

img 115-4780

Had to empty out the pockets of my ScottEVest so I could wash it, after a recent trip; I'm going to have to ponder how much of this I put *back*, but I'll try and flickr-note all of it :-) Note that this is *just* the vest; it doesn't include the contents of my pants (SD4000IS, wallet, skeletool, LED light, passport, id cards, keychain with stuff) or my shirt pocket (nexus 1, T pass, pen, stylus...)

It's somewhat overkill for everyday, but for a long weekend out of town, I use a surprisingly high percentage of this stuff; I'll put a * in the notes for things I use at least once a week, and a % for things I used last road trip, and see how it counts out...)

fuji camera usb cable

fuji camera usb cable


This is a 6 feet USB cable used to download images from your Fuji FinePix camera to your PC. One end of the cable is a standard USB A male that will fit into your PC. The other end is a mini USB plug which will fit into your compatible Fuji FinePix camera. Please see below for complete specifications and compatibility.
*Connector 1: USB 2.0 male.
*Connector 2: 4-pin Mini-B male.
*Plug & Play compatible.
*Best Replacement for the original Fuji 4-pin Mini-B USB cable.
*Accessory ONLY. Camera not included.
Compatible with the following Fuji Cameras:
FinePix 30i, FinePix 40i, FinePix 50i -Cradle Only, FinePix 1300, FinePix 1400, FinePix 2200Z, FinePix 2300, FinePix 2300Z, FinePix 2400, FinePix 2400Z, FinePix 2500, FinePix 2500Z, FinePix 2600, FinePix 2600Z, FinePix 2650, FinePix 2650Z , FinePix 2800, FinePix 2800Z , FinePix 2900, FinePix 3300, FinePix 3800, FinePix 3800Z, FinePix 4500Z, FinePix 4700Z, FinePix 4800, FinePix 4800Z, FinePix 4900, FinePix 4900Z, FinePix 6800, FinePix 6800Z, FinePix 6900, FinePix 6900Z , FinePix A101, FinePix A200, FinePix A201, FinePix A202, FinePix A203, FinePix A204, FinePix A303, FinePix A401, FinePix S1PRO, FinePix S2PRO, FinePix S303, FinePix S304, FinePix S602, FinePix S3000, FinePix S3100
Also Compatible with the following devices:
Casio QV-2000 Starter, Casio QV-2000Plus, Casio QV-2000UX, Casio QV-2300UX, Casio QV-2900UX, Casio QV-3000EX, Casio QV-3500EX, Casio QV-3EXPLUS, Casio QV-8000 Starter, Casio QV-8000SX, Konica Minolta KD-200Z, Konica Minolta KD-220Z, Konica Minolta KD-310Z, Konica Minolta KD-400Z, Konica Minolta KD-410Z, Konica Minolta KD-420Z, Konica Minolta KD-500Z, Konica Minolta KD-510Z, Konica Minolta DiMAGE G500, Konica Minolta DiMAGE G600, Toshiba PDR-3310, Toshiba PDR-3320, Toshiba PDR-M11, Toshiba PDR-M21, Toshiba PDR-M25, Toshiba PDR-M60, Toshiba PDR-M61, Toshiba PDR-M65

100% brand new. 3 months warranty.

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